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A European Cathedral in Your Own Backyard

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 Sep 28th 2015 7:24am

St Johns Cathedral Brisbane

If you have ever been fortunate to do some travelling in European countries or have dreamed of doing so, amongst the first images that come to mind are of grand Cathedrals, oozing with history of centuries gone by.

Often we think that in Australia we are lacking this kind of history, 'oh but the buildings and architecture you will hear a yearning traveller remark'; it is true our cathedrals and buildings don't date back many, many centuries however the style of architecture in some cases does.

Experience gothic architecture in your own backyard when you visit Brisbane, St John's Cathedral is a beautiful and grand cathedral located looking gracefully over the CBD just a few minutes’ walk from Queen Street Mall.

It was first commissioned in 1885 and the first stage of construction began in 1906, the second stage commenced 1965, and the third and final stage in 1989 with it's completion in 2009. After 108 years from the laying of the first stone, St John's Cathedral was re-consecrated in it's completed state on 29th October 2009; it is most likely the last gothic cathedral to be built in the world.

For a little bit of old world charm it is worth a visit, with detailed carvings and panels of stained glass. It is very much a working church with worship taking place throughout the week and regular events open to the public. Visit their website for up and coming events and worship times at St John's Cathedral  373 Ann Street, Brisbane

There is also a lovely Cathedral Square, have a seat under a tree to rest your feet and take in the spectacular cathedral.

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