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CityCycle Brisbane

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 Jul 25th 2016 5:03pm

Brisbane City Cycle Hire

Get on your bike!  Explore our beautiful city of Brisbane at your own pace, keep fit and enjoy the great outdoors, with this affordable, convenient and fun way of getting around.

How does it work?
CityCycle allows riders to hire and return bikes, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

There are 150 pickup / drop off stations available across Brisbane’s city centre, stretching from Newstead to West End and Toowong. The bike stations are all within a short distance to the next (300-500m), and each bike station offers at least 10 bike racks.  

The bikes are designed specifically for city use, and feature adjustable seats and the option of a helmet (or you can bring your own).

To use the bikes, riders first need to first purchase an affordable subscription. A few options are available; the best for short term visitors being the weekly ($11) or daily ($2) options.  

The first 30 minutes of any journey is free, a charge then applies on a timed basis. i.e. 31 to 60 mins costs $2.20, 61 to 90 mins costs $6.05. (visit website for further pricing information).  But, if you return the bike within the 30 minute timeframe (to any station) you can then collect another bike. As long as you keep changing bikes within each 30 minutes, you can ride for FREE all day!  Do note that once you return a bike, you may have to wait 2-5 minutes before it will allow you to hire another bike.

This is a cheap and fun way to go sightseeing and check out all the things to do in Brisbane.

Head over to CityCycle for further information and subscription details.

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