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Close that Business deal with the right accommodation

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 Jul 20th 2014 1:42pm

Oxygen Apartments 53

So, you’re headed to Brisbane for an upcoming business deal. You probably have checked and double-checked your papers and documents. You’ve smoothed out all the necessary requirements and you’ve practiced everything you’re going to say. You’ve made all the necessary preparations to close that deal except for one thing: where are you going to stay?

Choosing the accommodation for out of town business deals is very important. A bad location coupled with bad traffic can end up making you late for an important meeting. Bad service and bad facilities can ruin your day ad end up getting you in a flustered mood before your meeting. You can avoid all of these unnecessary hassles by choosing the right accommodation.  

This is where Oxygen Apartments come in. Our Accommodation Spring Hill Brisbane is ideally situated right at the doorstep of the Central Business District. Staying in our accommodation puts you in close proximity with many of the city’s major business and cultural centres.  This avoids the unnecessary hassle of travelling long distances to attend to your business. Our apartments are fully air-conditioned and equipped with 60+channel Foxtel package to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed. We also have a high speed Wi-Fi internet access to assist you in your work. And if you have to stay for an extended amount of time, our fully equipped kitchen and laundry will surely come in handy.

Before you go to your meeting, you can also take a good swim in our solar heated pool or pump some iron in our gym to get those endorphins going. This will ensure that you go to your meeting pumped up and ready. And after a hard day’s work you can reward yourself by relaxing at our spa and sauna.

So before you leave for Brisbane, be sure that you have prepared everything including your accommodation. Book now at http://oxygen.etourism.net.au/

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