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How to Have a Green Christmas

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 Nov 2nd 2015 9:59pm

Merry Xmas Voucher

There’s plenty of ways to make small changes to the way you do Christmas to make it a green sustainable Christmas, here's a few ideas to get you started.

The Tree: Plastic or Real? Plastic trees have a limited life span of maybe 6-10 years and ultimately end up in landfill where they don’t break down.A fresh tree is a greener option and to make the sustainable choice buy a potted Australian native such as a Wollemi or Cypress pine which can be used year after year saving both the environment and your pocket. Check out Northey Street City Farm’s native, edible and organic nursery, plus permaculture and sustainable living ideas.

Cards and wrapping, last years cards can be cut into gift tags, the picture cut off and set as a postcard, e-cards are tops! And if you really like sending cards the traditional way then choose those made with recycled paper and charity cards. See Eco Digital and Charity Greeting Cards.

Making handmade gifts, the ideas are only limited by your own creativity. For some ideas pop into Art Shed Brisbane and get inspired.

If creativity isn’t your style then here is a guide for gift buying to make sustainable choices, shop local, look for the Fairtrade logo on items or Australian made, buy items made from natural or recycled fibres and materials, don’t buy battery operated toys, choose items that will definitely be useful or a useable gift such as a specialty food item or voucher for an experience instead. See The Trading Circle, Riverside Markets, Woolloongabba Antique Centre, Oxfam Shop, get out and about and ask your local shops which products are sustainable.

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