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 Mar 22nd 2015 5:17pm

Science Museum Electricity

The next school holidays are now creeping up very quickly! There's plenty to do with kids in Brisbane, rain - hail or shine! 

Head to the Sciencentre for an interactive, educational and fun outing for the entire family. Below are some of the regular features and special events currently on at the Sciencentre Brisbane.

* Body Zone - you're body like you've never seen it before. Challenge it, move it, re-assemble it, confuse it! Body Zone has four themes: Body Works, Body Challenge, Sense Ability and Mind Benders.

* Action Stations - Get hands on with everyday science. Action Stations has five themes: Try It, Use It, Move It, See It and Hear IT. 

* Humanoid Discovery - your mission is to study the human beings which live on planet Earth. You'll carry out experiments to investigate these life forms ... How do their muscles work under Earth's gravity? How do they taste the food they eat, and where does that food go? ... and much more!  On now until July 12th 2015.

* Balloon Show - an exciting science theatre show that explores how a simple balloon can be used to demonstrate scientific concepts. This show may include explosions, rocket balloons, chemical reactions and more!  On now until June 26th 2015.

For further information about Sciencentre visit the website.

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