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Spring Hill Baths

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 Aug 5th 2015 12:40pm

Spring Hill Baths

If you feel like a swim in an indoor heated pool then get along to the historic Spring Hill Baths. They are the oldest surviving swimming baths in the southern hemisphere and have been preserved in their entirety from the 23.43 metre (25ft 6 in) long pool itself to the line-up of gaily coloured Victorian changing cubicles and the upper gallery with its stepped wooden bleachers.

The baths were built in 1886 and were the city’s first inground pool to replace Brisbane’s increasingly polluted floating river baths. Recent innovations now include a filtration system, heating , a kiosk, aqua aerobics classes, babies learn-to-swim and handy conversion charts on the walls so lap swimmers can calculate their distance swum.

For more information on opening hours and admission prices see Spring Hill Baths 

Spring Hill Baths are located at 14 Torrington St, Spring Hill

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