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Summer Retreat in Brisbane and Spring Hill

Planning for a peaceful summer retreat away from home? Now it is possible to settle comfortable in Spring Hill without the hassles of settling exorbitant bills. Travellers are fatigued on carefully planning their few days of vacation but in vain. Finally, they have to struggle for all facilities and even adjust without any better facilities. Eventually they return home wishing for its comforts besides the burden of settling high credit card bills.

New to Brisbane?

Do you have important business planned in Brisbane? Now oxygen apartments, long term accommodation is Spring Hill is located close to Brisbane. Now avoid exorbitant travel expenses and plan out your business activities in Brisbane while settling in the apartments close to the city. Plan each day and explore the city and its commercial centres. In the evenings, relax in your comfortable Oxygen apartments.

Brisbane is brimming with attractions for both men and women alike. While traveling was the chauvnistic choice of male travellers, women are now indulging in globetrotting. While shopping is a hard passion among women, they simply love to shop in all locations and Brisbane is a top shopping destination. Now they can settle comfortably with their peers and shop continuously in Brisbane. The spacious Oxygen apartments can provide long term accommodation spring hill for groups of travellers while it provides them ample space and amenities

The facilities include:

  • Gym

Now travellers can work out in gyms and improve their fitness easily.

  • Spa

Relax and rejuvenate in the spa and improve your health and wellness.

  • Sauna

Derive the benefits of sauna and improve your wellness.

  • Wi-Fi Access

Even while holidaying, it is important to stay abreast with business information and contacts. It is also required to keep in touch with friends and share information.

  • Cable TV

Get entertained with multiple channels in your apartments whenever you are bored.

  • Swimming pool

Take a dip in the warm swimming pool during mornings or afternoons. Relax by the pool and catch up with other or smoke a cigar…    


Summer Offer

Oxygen apartments are introducing summer offer for the visitors and guests new to Brisbane. Now opt for 2 bedroom apartments and stay for 4 nights at the simple cost of $229 per night. Such exciting offers are most intriguing to new visitors. Finally, they can find affordable long term accommodation spring hill. They can avail the offer for 4 nights and continue to stay for more period with even more facilities.

Benefits of Oxygen Apartments

Oxygen apartments are rightly located in Spring Hill close to Brisbane. Now new visitors can avoid all travel expenses to Brisbane and find commercial centres in the city easily while settling in the comfortable Oxygen apartments. While new visitors spend a fortune trying to locate the right accommodation, these apartments are readily available with all necessary amenities that would otherwise cost a fortune. Now many travellers experiencing the comforts of Oxygen apartments are confirming it for their stay in Brisbane. Now there are Oxygen apartments with multiple rooms and well-equipped kitchens to accommodate guests, travellers and businessmen, according to their requirements and numbers of persons lodging. Even families can opt for Oxygen apartments than spending a fortune for staying in hotels.  Now families can opt for the spacious Oxygen apartments and settle harmoniously in its comforts and ambience.